Merchant Science College


The department of Mathematics has the modern teaching materials to inculcate the application of mathematics to increase the perception of the students. We arrange free extra classes for poor students.


  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics
  • Perform mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence, speed and accuracy
  • Think and reason precisely, logically and critically in any given situation
  • Develop investigative skills in Mathematics
  • Identify, concretize, symbolize and use mathematical relationships in everyday life
  • Comprehend, analyses, synthesize, evaluate, and make generalizations so as to solve mathematical problems
  • Collect, organize, represent, analyses, interpret data and make conclusions and predictions from its results
  • Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • Appreciate the role, value and use of Mathematics in society
  • Develop willingness to work collaboratively
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for further education and training
  • Communicate mathematical ideas


The department's space is designed for flexibility and to allow easy further infrastructure expansion. There is ample space for laboratories and classrooms to support teaching and group interactions.

Laboratory experiments are used throughout the courses to consolidate and illustrate the material taught in lectures. There is a large laboratory devoted entirely to undergraduate experiments.

The department also provide equipements such as:

1) Microscope
2) Instruments Regarding Physics Practical’s Such as Spectrometer, Flywheel, Colorimeter, Potentiometer, PN-Junction Diode, Rectifier, Capacitor, Thevenin Theorem Practical, Zener Diode, pH Meter, Computer, Internet Program , Language Lab Programs, LCD, etc….


-Weekly test for General Knowledge, Training for Personality Development and yoga, computer skill Development. Training for to use Website, To Send e-mail, Basic Knowledge of internet etc.
-Visits to Academic Institutions, industries, Parks, Natural Heritage, Parliament.
-To Train Students for Competitive Examination Regarding GPSC, UPSC, NET, SLET, TET, TAT, H-TAT etc.
-To Train Students as per Prescribed activities by HNGU, Patan.


Once these graduates choose any of the above faculties and complete the Graduation level. They have great carrier opportunities and all the highly status job are open to them. This includes:

    • Teaching Field
    • Banking & Insurance Companies
    • Telecommunication Companies
    • As an Analyst in Government Department
    • Chartered Accountant
    • Inventory Manager
    • Secretarial Services


Sr.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Ashaben.R.Patel B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor
2. Chouhan Dilip M. Mathematics,B.Ed. Assistant Professor
3. Patel Simmi M. M.Sc. Mathematics Assistant Professor
4. Patel Poonam M.Sc. B.Ed Mathematics Assistant Professor