Merchant Science College



Advanced software – based communicative and career lab is functioning to bring up the communicative competence and performance of the students. Group discussion and context-based activities are conducted to improve spoken and written skills of the students.

Special attention is given to the students to perform successfully in placement programs and higher studies.


  • To achieve excellence in teaching, training and research in the areas of humanities and social science.
  • To prepare professional leaders to address the emerging global challenges and to deal with social and business realities.
  • Utilize fundamental technical knowledge and skills in mathematics, science (Basic Physics and Environmental Studies), and engineering to analyze and solve problems, and apply these abilities to generate new knowledge, ideas or products in academia, industry or government.
  • Demonstrate practical experience and organizational skills to the students so that they can interact and communicate effectively (written and /or oral) with others (e.g., supervisor, client and/or team) with an appreciation for intellectual diversity, involved in the project.
  • Demonstrate leadership and /or assumes roles of increasing responsibility that benefits themselves and their employers.
  • Recognize the importance of and engagement in life – long learning through:
    • Self – study,
    • Continuing education courses,
    • By Industrial visits we create extra knowledge and latest technology about their field.
  • Understand professional and ethical responsibilities toward peers, employers, and society and follows these precept in their daily lives.


The General Department at Merchant Science college is fully equipped with highly sophisticated equipments, well developed laboratories and 1 seminar hall.

The General Department provides laboratory for basic fundamental understating about English & CPD and opportunity to learn and innovate.



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