Merchant Science College


Biosphere of Environment is made-up of microps, flora and fauna. To maintain biodiversity of environment is a part of duty of mankind, for that purpose basic knowledge of biology is required. To understand taxonomy of flora, botanical knowledge is essential. Now day’s different branches of botany are developed such as taxonomy, plant ecology, plant physiology, plant anatomy, plant geography, genetics, bio-technology related to plants, horticulture, and agriculture. Etc…
Above topics are included in different syllabi of different university under-graduate and post-graduate level.


  • To understand the physiology, ecology, anatomy, genetics, evolution, tissue culture of plants.
  • To know basic and proper taxonomy of plants.
  • To conserve bio-diversity throw the knowledge of botany.
  • To use applied botany for welfare of human being e.g. use of bacteria, algae and fungi to produce food medicines etc…
  • Use of crop plants in agriculture and its relation with pollination, weeds, pastes etc….


The department's space is designed for flexibility and to allow easy further infrastructure expansion. There is ample space for laboratories and classrooms to support teaching and group interactions.

Laboratory experiments are used throughout the courses to consolidate and illustrate the material taught in lectures. There is a large laboratory devoted entirely to undergraduate experiments.

The department also provide equipements such as:

1) Microscope
2) Instruments Regarding Physics Practical’s Such as Spectrometer, Flywheel, Colorimeter, Potentiometer, PN-Junction Diode, Rectifier, Capacitor, Thevenin Theorem Practical, Zener Diode, pH Meter, Computer, Internet Program , Language Lab Programs, LCD, etc…


    -Weekly test for General Knowledge, Training for Personality Development and yoga, computer skill Development. Training for to use Website, To Send e-mail, Basic Knowledge of internet etc.
    -Visits to Academic Institutions, industries, Parks, Natural Heritage, Parliament.
    -To Train Students for Competitive Examination Regarding GPSC, UPSC, NET, SLET, TET, TAT, H-TAT etc.
    -To Train Students as per Prescribed activities by HNGU, Patan..


    • Related to teaching field. : Teacher and Professor
    • Lab coordinator
    • Eligible for competitive examinations like field officer, forest officer, research officer, JRF, SRF.
    • As a taxonomist in biodiversity board.
    • Research fellow in biology lab, Pharmaceutical lab, agricultural lab etc….


Sr.No Name Qualification Designation
1. Paragkumar. R. Patel B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor
2. Dimpalben.V.Modi B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor
3. Kalariya Jainisha J. M.Sc. Botany Assistant Professor
4. Patel Ekta - Assistant Professor
5. Patel Zalak - Assistant Professor